“Waterfield Technologies provides high levels of flexibility for companies pursuing a “best-of-breed” strategy for the proper implementation of AI across contact centers, self-service, and employee productivity platforms.”

– Opus Research, Vendors That Matter

The Opus Research Vendors That Matter series examines innovate firms uniquely qualified in offering enterprise technologies that are making a successful business impact. These companies represent what’s next in finding and delivering intelligent customer support, business value, employee productivity & operational efficiencies, and transforming digital experiences.

In this report, Waterfield Technologies’ Blueworx IVA platform received the highest ratings across all critical intelligent virtual agent capabilities including enterprise scalability, web integration, corporate strategy and NLP technologies.


 Get the Opus Research report to learn:

  • Why many bots and IVAs don’t make it beyond the POC/science experiment stage and are never effectively built into the critical path of customer care

  • How Waterfield is complementing existing contact center and IVR architectures, with refined real-word intelligent virtual agent (IVA) use cases

  • Why the Blueworx IVA platform is named a leader in the IVA competitive analysis


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As a leading technology integrator, Waterfield Technologies is passionate about helping our clients transform their legacy contact center technologies into modern digital powerhouses.  Our suite of software and service offerings simplify old, complex integrations with enterprise cloud technologies, creating satisfying experiences and unleashing employee productivity.